Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Moon

Having such an, er, (un)healthy appetite for all things Twilight I was super duper excited to see New Moon. From the moment I nestled into my armchair and the lights dimmed I was ready to be swept back to the chilly little town of Forks. I must say at times it really felt like I was there! I have to hand it to the good people at Village Cinemas they are really working hard to get all the senses involved in the cinema experience… I was f-f-freezing! Unfortunately that's where the connection between me and what was on screen start and end.
Although I am officially on team Edward I was really looking forward to re-living the build up of the sexual tension between Bella and Jacob, and the moment when it seems as though they are finally going to ‘get it on’. Unfortunetly this moment fell a little flat; it really was not all that much of a moment at all. Honestly the real stand-out moment was when Jacob took his top off for the first time and kept it off for most of the remainder of the movie. This truly is a something that must been seen on the big screen not just to witness Jacob’s buff body in all of its glory, but also for the comedic value of listening to what appeared to be mostly women in their late twenties and early thirties giggle like teenagers (me included). Jacob's abs, pecs and biceps really were the stars of the show.
Oh and I didn’t forget about Edward, poor Edward (I am still on your team), my heart went out to him, or should I say Robert Pattinson when the only response to his drawn on abs was the sound of tumbleweed blowing in the wind. In the limited number of scenes Edward was in I was on the edge of my seat waiting of him to crack a smile, unfortunetly this moment never came. Yes I know Edward is the stern, over-protective and some what controlling boyfriend but a little advice for Rpattz: don't forget that Bella is ‘frequently dazzled’ by Edward so you have got to show a bit of the charm that won us over in Twilight.
Watching this movie was a pretty painful experience; the acting seemed really contrived. By the time the credits were rolling I felt a little empty and was still waiting for the big crescendo. It seemed to me that they were just going through the motions until they can get to the next part of the story and we the saps in the audience paid $17 each to see it. Even though New Moon is part of a ‘saga’ the movie should stand on its own. In the end I just didn't warm to this interpretation Stephanie Meyer’s story… or maybe I was just too damned cold.

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